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Common Vegan/Paleo/Keto Baking Substitutes

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When you picture a new healthier lifestyle you probably don’t envision eating delectable brownies, cookies, cake, or even pie! Well, we are here to tell you that you really can have the best of both worlds- so long as you know all of the perfect baking substitutes, of course. Let’s break down all of the possibilities in the world of healthier baking substitutes! 




Almost all baked goods come with that famous sweetness that we all crave. Check out this list we’ve compiled that is sure to give classic sugar a run for its money:


-Erythritol is our number one choice when it comes to sugar-free, keto-friendly baking. It tends to be very easy on the stomach and is perfect for desserts that require a crumbly consistency, like cookies. It also has no strong aftertastes, and for that, we’re all grateful.


-You’ve probably heard of stevia many times if you’re a frequenter diet researcher. Stevia is wonderful because it is 150 times sweeter than regular sugar, that’s amazing! Not only is it sweet, but it also has some great nutritional aspects. Stevia contains magnesium, zinc, potassium, vitamin B3, and has no effect on blood sugar. However, unlike erythritol, stevia tends to have an intense aftertaste, so use it sparingly.


-Swerve is a blended sweeter and is as close to sugar as you can get when it comes to cooking and baking. Swerve blends erythritol and oligosaccharides to create a unique combination that is equal to the sweetness of sugar pound for pound. 



One of the hardest parts of low-carb baking is finding the perfect flour alternative. 

Coconut Flour

-Coconut flour is the ideal flour substitute when it comes to cakes, brownies, and muffin recipes. It will allow your baked goods to have that moist consistency that you’ve been searching for.

Almond Flour

-Almond flour is exactly what it sounds like, it’s flour made from crushed almonds with the skin removed. This substitute has become more common than ever before and it does a wonderful job when it comes to baking cookies!


Many baked good recipes call for dairy products as an ingredient, but not everyone can eat dairy.  Here are some great vegan alternatives to dairy ingredients.

Coconut Cream

-Milk and heavy whipping cream can be tricky things to substitute , but coconut cream seems to do the trick! Simply replace it for normal milk in your recipes. Keep in mind that it may alter the final taste of your baked goods, but who doesn’t love a little coconut?

Coconut Oil

-Coconut oil is the perfect alternative for regular butter, plus it is vegan! You may have to use trial and error to find the perfect consistency for your recipe, so be sure to keep that in mind. 

We hope that these baking substitutes make living your new healthier lifestyle that much easier. Check out our NutriMill grain mills for a fresh addition to your lifestyle!