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How to Troubleshoot Common Baking Mistakes

muffins coming out of oven

You are enjoying the sweet, mouth-watering aroma coming from the kitchen when you start to notice a faint burning smell. You rush to the oven to pull out your baked goods, but it’s too late: your muffins are covered in a flat black crust. No matter how experienced you are in the kitchen, baking mistakes happen. Here are some great fixes for common baking mishaps!

Hardened Cookies

What do you do when your cookies come out of the oven too hard? First, put your cookies in a plastic airtight bag with a slice of bread and leave them overnight. The slice of bread will moisten the cookies and they will be ready to eat the next day. 

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Thickened Icing

If your cake icing turns out to be too thick, simply mix in a teaspoon of milk or cream until you reach your ideal consistency. This technique will work on the majority of different icings and frostings! 

A quick tip: If your frosting is consistently becoming too thick, you might be whipping it too much.

Sunken Cake

The kitchen timer loudly beeps and you hurry to the kitchen to pull out the delicious cake you baked. Opening the oven door, you immediately notice that the middle of the cake has sunken in. This problem can be very frustrating, but don’t throw your cake away yet! This mistake can easily be fixed by filling the area with fruit or whipped topping. Your guests will love the unique and yummy addition!

Opening the Oven

Avoid opening your oven until your goodies are finished baking. Opening your oven will release hot air which can change the temperature of your oven. This can greatly affect how your baked goods turn out!

We hope these suggestions will help you when your baking goes awry. If you love baking but are trying to steer towards a healthier lifestyle, try out these excellent ideas on baking guilt-free desserts!