Bosch Mixer Bundle SALE ($125 in Savings)


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  • FilterPro Food Dehydrator

    L’Equip FilterPro Food Dehydrator

  • L'Equip Personal blender

    L’Equip Personal Blender

  • lequip filterpro dehydrator replacement filter

    L’Equip Replacement Filter

  • lequip filterpro dehydrator fruit leather sheets

    L’Equip Fruit Leather Sheets

  • lequip dehydrator mesh insert

    L’Equip Mesh Inserts

  • L'Equip FitlerPro Trays

    L’Equip FilterPro Trays

  • L'Equip FilterPro Dehydrator Deep Trays

    L’Equip FilterPro Deep Trays

  • FilterPro Dehydrator Yogurt Cups

    L’Equip Yogurt Cups

  • FilterPro Dehydrator Filter Holder

    L’Equip Replacement Filter Holder

  • Grey Plastic Replacement Lid with vents for the FilterPro Dehydrator.

    Lid, FilterPro Dehydrator