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Do You Really Need a Stand Mixer?

If you have ever contemplated whether or not you needed a stand mixer, we are here to tell you that you do.

While there are many obvious reasons as to why you might be needing a stand mixer (e.g. for hands-free mixing), there are also a great number of not-so-obvious reasons. Nevertheless, whether you are a regular or seasonal baker, there are many ways you could benefit from owning a stand mixer.

Interchangeable Accessories

Despite the fact that stand mixers make baking easier, what really sets them apart are their accessories. Many stand mixers come with basic accessories that can be used and changed when mixing different textures. In the Nutrimill Artiste‘s case, you get two wire whips, which can be used when mixing ingredients, and one metal whip driver, which can be used to knead a dough.

Here is a brief breakdown of what the most popular stand mixing accessories are capable of doing:

  • Dough hook
    • As the name would suggest, a dough hook is used to knead a dough that is in need of air for rising. If you love making bread, then this feature is a complete game changer.
  • Wire Whisk
    • Wire whisks are an essential accessory for your stand mixer. They make whatever you are mixing fluffier and are best used when mixing frosting, cake batter, and butter!
  • Flat Beater
    • As opposed to the wire whisk, the flat beater does the opposite. If you do not want to aerate the batter you are working with, then use the flat beater! It’s best used when mixing cold batter like cookie dough, cream cheese etc.

Along with these popular accessories, there are a number of other accessories that can transform your Artiste into a power-house kitchen appliance. You can find our other accessories here.

Mix with ease

A stand mixer takes baking to another level. Not only does this type of mixer allow for you to mix ingredients easier, but you will also never tire from mixing. If you wanted to, you could mix for hours and never break a sweat. In addition to this, stand mixers have more power when compared to hand mixers. This will allow you to mix stronger and heavier doughs with ease.

Plus, you can use all the extra time between mixes towards gathering more ingredients or clean up, making your days more productive and efficient.

Of course, the decision of purchasing a stand mixer is completely up to you. However, if you are a regular baker and do all of your mixing and kneading by hand, we think you would greatly benefit from one.

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