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All New NutriMill® Immersion Blender

Multi-Purpose Blade
This versitle blade is perfect for most tasks.
A Tool For Every Job
5 differnet blades to tackle all blending, chopping, mincing, pureeing, and frothing needs.
All New Milk Frother
Froth milk for all your favortie drinks.
NutriMill Immersion hand Blender


5 Multifunctional NutriBlend Blades

Milk Frother a NutriBlend blade for the nutrimill immersion blender

ALL NEW Milk Frother

Quickly turn milk or cream into the perfect foamy topping for all your favorite beverages.

Multipurpose blade a NutriBlend blade for the nutrimill immersion blender

Multi Purpose Blade

Easily blend, chop, puree, mince, and emulsify a wide variety of the dishes you love.

Whipping Blade a NutriBlend blade for the nutrimill immersion blender

Whipping Blade

Effortlessly whip, stir, and mix smoothies, shakes, drinks, purees, mashed potatoes, sauces, mayonnaise, etc.

Meat Mincer a NutriBlend blade for the nutrimill immersion blender

Meat Mincer

Churn through cooked or uncooked meat and vegetables with ease for the perfect Pâté.

Beater a NutriBlend blade for the nutrimill immersion blender

Beater Blade

For rich, creamy soups to light and fluffy egg whites or whipped cream, just the way you like it.

Mixing and measuring cup for the NutriMill Immersion Blender

Mixing / Measuring Cup

A perfect fit, pour spout, and measured measurements, the cup accessory for your immersion hand blender will make your blending tasks easier.

Storage Case / Blender Stand

Keep all of your immersion blender blades organized and out of the way. It also includes a blade remover tool that is helpful when changing out your blades.

1 Year Warranty

For your ultimate culinary experience, we offer our customers a 1-year warranty on all of our products.

Immersion blender beating egg whites

Powerful and Convenient

Make any kitchen task effortless with this immersion hand blender. It’ll make creating your favorite food easier and quicker without leaving a whole bunch of dishes to clean up.

Cleaning Immersion Blender

Easy To Clean

Designed for ultimate convenience, this has an open base and stainless steel body that makes it easy to clean after blending. It also comes with a detachable blade assembly for more convenient cleaning.

Immersion blender variable speed dial

User Friendly Design

Featuring a comfortable ergonomic design that provides better control when mixing. The simple precision speed dial allows you to select the right speed for your recipe.

immersion blender blending soup on the stove

Temperature Protection

Professional results right at home. Your pots and pans will be protected thanks to our heat-resistant base, while you enjoy perfectly mixed recipes in no time.