A wheat field in Italy at sunrise.

Going Green

NutriMill's Green Initiative

NutriMill has been focused on healthy living for years, promoting home-milled flour as part of a healthy diet. Bread has had a bad rap in the past, but it’s making a comeback, due to the health benefits and flavor of fresh milled flour. 


Store-bought flour is made from the starchy endosperm of the wheat kernel. All other parts, the bran and germ of the grain have been removed. By grinding just the endosperm the flour is more shelf-stable which allows it to sit at the grocery store for longer periods of time. However removing those parts of the grain also removes most of the fiber and nutrients. Even whole wheat flour is made of white flour with some of the bran added back in.


three grain mills on a kitchen counter.

Flour, milled fresh at home, utilizes the entire grain, nothing is excluded. Professional chefs and bakers are realizing, along with the home-based cook, that flour milled fresh on site retains all of the nutrients and fiber, is more flavorful, and easier on the digestive system. 


We are passionate about our grain mills, and our goal to live healthier lives. Our passion for health extends not only to our personal health and our customers health, but also to the health of our planet.

Healthy Planet Logo of a tree with roots

Taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint and using recyclable packaging materials is of utmost importance. We want to share our Going Green story with you.  Watch our blog along with our social media channels for more details and information.


We are committed  to preserving our beautiful home for generations to come.