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We do not recommend regrinding flour in this unit.

Our research showed that people like being able to completely remove the lid, rather than have it locked on. In kitchens with limited counter space, it may be convenient to remove the lid while filling the hopper with grain, to avoid contact with overhead cabinets. However, keeping the lid in place is a recommended safety feature and also helps reduce noise

The NutriMill Plus has a very powerful motor, and as a result, a lot of torque. This is most noticeable on initial startup. As per the manual’s instructions, we recommend starting the motor on Low, then switching to High. This helps reduce the initial starting “spin.” The NutriMill Plus’ base material has strong gripping ability. However, flour is very slippery. Before starting the mill, make sure your work surface and mill base are free of flour. They must be completely clean and dry for the base to grip the counter.

To achieve clean, dust-free milling, it’s important to have a tight-fitting gasket. To help the lid close more easily, use your finger to lightly dust the edge of the entire gasket with some flour. This will help it slide into place more easily.

No. The flour tube design has been engineered to prevent clogging. First, there is no curvature in the tube, so it does not flex. The flour flows through a straight, rigid tube into the canister. Secondly, the inside diameter of the tube is constant, unlike the tubes of other mills which taper at the end. If there is an unusual problem with the flour tube (most likely something other than clogging) it is designed to be easily replaceable by the user. NutriMill produces replacement tubes and O-rings.

Yes. All mills produce some flour dust. The NutriMill Plus is the cleanest mill available to date.

NutriMill Plus motor and milling heads have a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Parts and plastics have a seven-year warranty.

We designed this mill with the intention of heavy and consistent use, as well as vibration from the milling heads and motor. We believe the hopper will continue to rotate and lock into place without concern for hundreds of thousands of cycles.

User Manual

Download the Plus grain mill user manual and recipe book.