Classic Flour Bagger ZipLock Bags, 10/pkg


{CLEARANCE!} We’re reducing stock in order to update the logo and branding on these bags. Enjoy 50% savings, while supplies last! Freezing flour prevents it from turning rancid (spoiling) and tasting bitter. Freezing also slows down the loss of vitamins due to oxidation. Fresh flour keeps in the freezer indefinitely, but for best quality, use it within 3 to 6 months. We do not recommend storing it in the refrigerator. Fresh flour makes a unique gift for family and friends! Our custom-designed freezer bags hold up to 10 pounds of flour and include space to label your name, date, and type of flour. Bags may be used with or without the Flour Bagger Accessory. They also hold up to 2 large loaves of bread or 1 dozen cinnamon rolls. Bags are NOT compatible with the NutriMill Plus flour bagger. May be used separately with or without NutriMill products for storing flour or baked goods.

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