Refurbished Classic Grain Mill


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  • NutriMill Certified Refurbished Product
  • The NutriMill Classic has improved texture control, stronger milling heads, sound-reducing noise chamber, improved motor cooling, and longer life.
  • Protects nutrients: The NutriMill Classic keeps your flour at temperatures that protect the nutrients in your grains.
  • This mill has a fully adjustable feed rate and motor speed, which controls the texture of the flour.
  • The coarsest flour is still flour, so it is not as coarse as cracked wheat or corn meal.
  • The finest flour you can produce provides all of the benefits of whole grain and the bran might add an element of coarseness. If you want to sift out the bran, you can use our flour sifter that attaches to the Artiste mixer.
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Refurbished grain mills are NOT considered gluten-free.

This product has been certified refurbished at our NutriMill factory. Each refurbished product must complete our 21 point inspection by one of our NutriMill trained technicians before being certified. We believe in our products. That’s why even though you’re buying a refurbished product, you get the same warranty as if it were brand new.  Refurbished grain mills are not considered gluten free.

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